Printer shows it’s printing but nothing happens

Sometimes everything appears to be fine, but there is no print output from the printer. To resolve this issue, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

First, ensure that the problem is not caused by a Windows update. It was a known bug in the most recent Windows 10 update that caused users to be unable to print after the update. Update Windows and drivers to the most recent versions. If the problem persists, try the methods described below to resolve it.


  1. First, try to power drain your printer. Here’s how:
  2. Connect your printer’s USB cable to another USB port of the computer.
  3. Update the printer’s firmware if the latest is available on its official website.
  4. Update your Windows OS to the latest version.
  5. Update / reinstall the printer driver to the latest version too.
  6. Run the printer troubleshooter. It is a built-in feature of Windows 10.
  7. If the problem is still there, try to reinstall your printer from scratch (Uninstall and then reinstall the driver).

If you are still unable to address the issue, please use the comment box below to share your experience.

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Questions & Answers


Question: I downloaded win 11 and since the no printer print when connected by USB, I can print wireless but all the printers do not have that capability. the printer shows it is ready, immediately when I press print I get a message that the document or image or any printing job cannot be done. I uninstalled in reinstalled drivers many times, switch to different usb ports take all other usb devices out with no avail. Can you please help? I do not want to roll back to win 10 as I have the beta version for more than 10 days and thus will have to do a clean install.

Answer: This seems like a driver problem. If the full feature driver is not working properly then you can go with the basic driver. Install the printer manually using its basic driver.


Question: i have an hp laserjet 2015dn but whenever i connect it it dosent responds it gives error message ''usb device not recognized '' or could'nt connect i've tried all of this above mentioned methods.


  1. Switch your printer's USB cable to another port of your computer. It should be detected properly after switching the USB port.
  2. Sometimes the USB driver doesn't work properly, so it's time to reinstall the USB drivers. Go to the device manager and uninstall all the USB drivers from there and reboot your computer. After rebooting, your printer should detect your printer properly. Do let me know the results after you're done!!
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  2. I tried the suggestion above; to uninstall printing support from the USB list in device manager, but still did not solve the problem. Please advise.

  3. When I give a print command the computer says printing document but nothing prints, and the print dialogue box shows 0 document after few seconds.

    • It means there is a connection issue or the driver issue.
      1) Make sure your printer is connected properly.
      2) Uninstall “printing support” under USB from the device manager.
      3) Reinstall the printer driver.

  4. Hi Admin,
    Please help…
    When I print a document, the printer says printing and nothing happens. This printing message just stays on the printer. If i cancel the print, the print cancelled message stays on the printer.
    I have to switch the printer off to get rid of the message.

    • I would like you to connect your printer to the another free USB port of your computer, this should work for you.

    • Go to “Device Manager” and look for “USB Print Support” (under the USB section) and right-click on it and choose the uninstall option. Reboot your computer. Try to connect your printer’s USB cable to another USB port on your computer, it will also help you to fix the issue.

      • I’m using two printers
        …Epson en Samsung… whenever I try to print using Samsung its not working yet saying ready….when I change the port it works…….what can I do to avoid this problem

  5. Hi there,
    I am having trouble with my epson WF-2830. I have connected it to WIFI successfully and it prints network connection status perfectly. I have then connected it to my macbook air, by adding it to printers and it is shown in ‘my printers’ now. I then go to print a document and so i open print queue and it shows the document in there finding printer then connected, then i look at the printer and it says printing, then nothing. The words disappear and both the laptop and printer think the jobs done. I have tried disconnecting and unplugging everything except my router because i thought it wouldn’t affect them. Any suggestions? Thanks

  6. Print jobs leave the queue but nothing prints from the printer. I have tried cleaning spool, removing printer, and re-installing with different drivers and still does not work. My printer is HP Laserjet M402dn and it is on the network with a local static IP assigned. Removing static IP and putting it on DHCP has not worked either.

    • Did you get a reply when you pinged the printer’s IP address? If you receive proper replies, it means your printer is connected properly. If you don’t get ping’s reply then it means your printer is not connected to the network properly. Do let me know. If you have not tried it yet, then try it once.

  7. I would like to add that the printer prints when if I remove it from the network and install it via USB to the same computer. So it seems to be network related. That said, I turned off the security on the network and still no luck printing while the printer is on the network. I am on a Windows 10 Pro x64 with the latest updates installed as of 8/11/2022.

  8. Unfortunately, draining power did not work either.
    There seems to be nothing wrong with the printer itself as it prints when hooked up as a USB printer.

  9. Installing the INF driver manually did not work either.
    I’ve installed it as a USB printer at the moment as I needed to print documents.


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