HP deskjet 2135 installation problem

Question: I have a problem with my printer, am already installing the setup for HP DESKJET INK ADVANTAGE 2135 but it still not connected.

Technician’s Reply:
Please answer the following questions to diagnose the issue.

  1. Which driver pack did you try HP 2135 full feature drivers? Or HP 2135 basic drivers?
  2. Do you get any error message while installing this printer? If yes, then please provide the whole error message here. A screenshot would be most appreciated.
  3. Make sure your computer is detecting your computer. Open Device Manager and let us know if something is recognizing when you unplug and then plug the HP 2135 printer’s USB cable to the computer’s USB port.

We are looking forward to your answer.

Customer’s reply:
1. I have tried HP 2135 full feature drivers
2. I have not got any error when I am installing this printer
3. My computer doesn’t detect when I am plug or unplug this printer

Technician’s reply:
It seems like your computer is not detecting your printer through the USB cable. To fix this, try to switch the computer’s USB port where you are connecting your printer’s USB cable. Plug it to another USB port and make sure your printer is turned ON. If this doesn’t work then try power drain to your printer once.
The second step is to try the basic HP 2135 driver. Click here to download the basic driver for 32bit / 64bit
Please let us know after that.

Customer’s Reply:
Can you give me the steps of installing the program? I already installed the hp printer software, but when am trying to plug in the printer cable nothing is going on in my PC (it doesn’t detect if there is something plugin. iv tried it in both ports, but nothing is going on.

Technician’s reply:
Sure, here’s the step by step guide how to install HP basic driver manually on a computer, but if it is a matter of printer non-detection, then you will have to fix the detection issue first.

To double check the non-detection issue, open up the “Device Manager” and then expand the “Universal Serial Bus Controller” and then connect the USB cable of the printer and then check if something is detecting in device manager or not? Please check out below screenshot for more detail.

device manager non-detection problem


We recommend you to please check the printer’s USB cable is not faulty. And also make sure the computer’s USB ports where you are connecting a USB cable is working properly. We suggest you to please unplug the currently connected and working USB device and then put this printer’s USB cable there and check then check out the device manager for detection.

Nondetection issue is a hardware issue, so you have to fix it manually. It could be the software issue if your USB drivers are not installed but your USB drivers are installed.

Action to be appied: Check the computer’s USB port, printer’s USB cable, the printer is turned on properly. The USB cable is properly connected to the printer and the computer properly.

Then let us know the result. We are looking forward to your reply.

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  1. Please update the software and interface application 2135,
    The scanner can be opened but for ink it cannot be known or application
    can’t be opened, the problem is not from the USB cable but from software
    we hope there is an updated application or update
    to solve the problem

    Thank you.


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